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R L Clement Cake Decorating School is committed to disseminate the knowledge of sugar artistry and cake making to its students to bring them to internationally accepted levels.

It is our mission to be the best educational institute, providing world class certifications in Sugar Craft Artistry.

We offer group and individual classes. Please get in touch with us to plan individual classes that fit your schedule.

PME Five Star Sugar Artist

The R. L. Clement Cake Decorating School was the first authorized institute in Sri Lanka to offer the PME Five Star Sugar Artist qualification - by Knightsbridge PME Ltd. This course is designed for cake decorators that are looking for the ultimate educational challenge, to push their skills, creativity and designs to the maximum and aim for the stars. more details...

Wilton Cake Decorating Courses

Wilton Course 1
Wilton Course 2
Wilton Course 3
Wilton 750 Club Award presented to Shanika Clement

R. L. Clement Cake Decorating School is authorized by the Wilton Industries, USA.  to offer this qualification in Sri Lanka and boasts of Wilton Instructors who have been recognized and awarded for teaching and certifying over 750 students for the Wilton Cake Decorating Courses. Upon successful completion of each course, you will be awarded a certificate that is issued and sent by Wilton Industries, USA. 

Find more details here.

Individual : 10 days (full-time)
Group : 3 months (3 hrs/day, 1 day/week)

PME Certifications

PME Professional/Masters Diploma Course in Cake Decorating

The R. L. Clement Cake Decorating School is authorized by KPME, UK to offer this qualification in Sri Lanka and was awarded the highest number of international students award for 2011 and 2012 for this qualification. Upon successful completion of each module, you will be awarded a certificate that is issued and sent by KPME, UK. The Professional Diploma/Masters certificate is awarded after successful completion of all three courses.

Find more details here.

Individual : 10 days (full-time)
Group : 6 months (3 hrs/day, 1 day/week)

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Advanced Diploma in Cake Decorating

Starting from the basics, this course covers all the advanced techniques in cake designing and decorating needed to design your own party cakes and a multi-tiered display wedding cake. Small class numbers ensure personal attention and supervision. Students are required to design and present their work in a cake exhibition organized by the school for 3 (three) consecutive years. Hands on classes will be conducted only for 1 (one) year and on the 2nd and 3rd years, the class will meet three months prior to the exhibition to design and work on their exhibits. New designs, techniques and methods will be taught at these times. 

Find more details here.

No prior knowledge in cake decorating is required.

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International Cake Decorating Course

This is a Masters level cake decorating diploma which covers a wide range of novel and intricate design techniques, which will give you a comprehensive knowledge of cake decorating. This is popular among foreign as a well as local students who want the fine detail of sugar artistry within a short period. as it offers UK, USA and Sri Lankan qualifications in just 20 days and earns 8 certificates in just one course.

Qualifications Awarded:

  1. PME Professional Cake Decorating Diploma (4 certificates issued and sent by KPME, UK)

  2. Wilton Method of Cake Decorating, Courses I, II & III (3 certificates issued and sent by Wilton School of Cake Decorating, USA)

  3. R L Clement Cake Decorating School Certificate in Cake Decorating 

Individual : 20 days (full-time)
Group : 6 months (3hrs/day, 1day/week)

Accommodation available for students opting for individual lessons. Contact us for more details.


Course in Novelty Cakes

Course Description:
This course is designed for the beginners of cake making and baking. Several popular cake mixtures will be made using butter cream. This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to make cakes for their family celebrations as well as for those who wants to start their own business of celebration cake making. 

Course Content:
• Preparation of fondant, royal icing & gum paste 
• Color flow methods
• Designing of celebration cakes 
  (birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, engagement cakes, etc...) 
• Designing cakes using cake pans and cut-out designs 
• Butter cream flowers, leaves and designs 
• Plan, Design, Bake & Decorate cakes for any occasion

Note: This course excludes wedding cake designing 


Individual : Not offered
Group : 3 months (3 hrs/day, 1day/week)

No prior knowledge in cake making/baking is required

Course in Cup-cake making & decorating

Course Description:
This unique course in “Cup-cake decorating” combines innovative decorating techniques and traditional knowledge that will enable the students to cater to the changing trends in the wedding cake arena today. Cup cake decorating has developed immensely over the years from being a mere kids’ party delicacy into sophisticated and magnificent wedding and other celebration cake structures.

Course Content:
Cup cake decorating for different occasions (birthdays, baptism, weddings, etc..)
Different cup cake recepies
Cup cakes with fillings inside
2D and 3D decorating techniques.


Individual : Not offered
Group : 1.5 months (3 hrs/day, 1day/week)

No prior knowledge in cake making and decorating is required.

Course in Pastry & Bread Making

Course Description: 
Be a home baker making the best pastries and bread right from your kitchen.

Learn how to make:
Puff Pastry - Savory and Sweet
-Mille Feuillies
-Jam puff
-Cream horns
-Mince pie

Choux Pastry - Savory and Sweet
-Eclairs - different sweet cream fillings
-Savory - swans, dolls, flower baskets and fancy items

Sweet Pastry
-Fruit tarts
-Apple pie
-Coconut pie
-Bakewell tarts

Variety of Breads
-Hot dog bun
-Fish bun
-Tea bun
-Sugar cracknels
-Garlic bread

Eating Meringue Cake

Course in Gateaux

Course Description: 
The very word gateaux conjures up something rather special & tasty, but while some of these cakes take a little more effort, others are spectacular without involving too much hard work. Learn to make the gateaux you & your family would love to eat. 

Course Content: 
Italian cream, Pineapple gateaux, Coffee nut gateaux
Black forest, Cherry and nut gateaux, Lemon gateaux, Chocolate fudge gateaux and more...


Individual : Not offered

Group : 1 months (3 hrs/day, 1day/week)


No prior knowledge in cooking is required


Courses in Sugar Dolls and Sugar Plants

Course Description: 
Love the art of molding figures out of sugar paste? This course will help you learn to make your own cake top ornaments or create a magical character in your imagination. Create a bride and a groom for a wedding cake or create the favorite animal characters of your little ones.

Course Content:
Figure molding techniques
Molding basic human figures (man/woman/child)
Advanced molding methods and finishing techniques (Bride and groom, Angels)

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